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Before Christmas I wrote a post comparing various luxury hot chocolate recipes, you can find it here.

Today I’m following up with some yummy hot chocolate toppings…

We love to pile on the yumminess when it comes to hot chocolate!

Our favourites include – cream, flaked chocolate, marshmallows, wafer biscuits, chocolate rings, spiced biscuits, shortcake biscuits and doughnuts!

Here they all are in a little more detail…

We love a good sugared doughnut in our home. I made these ones extra special by painting my doughnuts with sugar water, making a star template and sparkling them with edible glitter. Perfect for dunking! Yummy.

Chocolate of course, in all it’s varieties is wonderful in hot chocolate, but we find white chocolate and flaked chocolate (of the Cadbury’s variety) are best!

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