Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes Two of my friends were coming to visit me on the same day which is always a good excuse to make some cakes I say! Both of them love hot chocolate deluxes – you know a hot drinking chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows and accompanied with a chocolate flake. Mmmmm – yes me too they are delicious. So having looked through my baking drawer to see what ingredients I had, I came up with my own hot chocolate cupcakes and here is how I made them....

Makes 9 Ingredients

100g self raising flour 100g caster sugar 100g butter 2 eggs 4 tbsp drinking chocolate 60ml milk

150g full fat cream cheese 150g chocolate spread (I find that the supermarkets own cheapest spread works best because it is not so sweet or nutty in taste) 9 large white marshmallows 9 pieces of flake

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