HOT CHOCOLATE COMPARISON » Emily Beale Photography

HOT CHOCOLATE COMPARISON » Emily Beale Photography

We are big hot chocolate fans in our home.

We usually drink Cadbury’s Fudge flavoured hot chocolate, but with so many delicious looking hot chocolate recipes floating around the internet we thought we’d do some comparison taste tests to find see if we could find some new favourites.

So what did we compare? We wanted a really luxurious hot chocolate and we found some we felt would be really amazing to compare.

Firstly Twinings Swiss hot chocolate. Founded in 1706. Surely after hundreds of years they must have perfected a luxury hot chocolate.

Secondly Jamie Oliver’s epic Hot chocolate mix. Famed for fast, easy and tasty meals we hoped that his hot chocolate mix would be just as yummy.

Third in the mix a simple Nutella hot chocolate. My boys love chocolate hazelnut spreads and will usually be found applying it liberally to Weetabix in the morning for breakfast. We’ve never tried to make a hot chocolate drink from it, so we thought we’d give it a go.

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