Hospital Time

Hospital Time

Hospital time moves differently. I don't think there is anybody who has been in a hospital and hadn't noticed this. Sometimes you sit there for what seems like days and a glimpse at the watch shows you it has been ten minutes. On the other hand some days you seem to run through all the meetings without waiting at all, and it still takes those same six hours. Exactly like the days when you sit and wait for hours. Everything works differently in the hospital, they are like their own little island of another reality and every time those electronic doors open, you step into the rabbit-hole. I never really knew that before the kids. I've been to hospital a few times over the years, but I was young and young people have a different way of looking at things. But ever since I had the kids and I started seeing too many doctors and spending too many hours in hospitals I know the truth. Visiting a hospital is like getting a dementor's kiss.

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