Hospital emergencies with children - make it easy with planning

Children get ill - FACT There is never a good time for this this to happen - FACT

It will usually be at the worst possible time or in the middle or the night - FACT (Well lets face it there is never good time to be ill is there?)

How can you plan to ease the chaos this would cause if your child needed to go into hospital? What if you needed to take them to A&E at 2am - would you be prepared and ready?

I have prepared for this eventuality just incase the need should arise, I'm hoping it never will however by preparing it will make the getting to the hospital much easier and faster in the long run.

In each of my children's room I've a pre-packed hospital bag, with basic essentials which would get us through a night or two in hospital should we need to.

I was a Nanny for far too long and have done the whole frantic grabbing of essentials with the children I've looked after before; which obviously isn't fun when that child is screaming in pain or worse!

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