Hooray for Boobies!

Breasts, boobies, baps, chesticles, bazoomas, norks (maybe it's gnorks?! Love a silent 'g')... what ever you call them... I think they're incredible. Whether a woman has tiny, petite,  ample, large or gigantuan mammaries, she is born with two,  which she will hopefully carry with her  for the duration of her life.  These wonderful chest adornments get carried around inside decorative hulsters (some more structurally robust than others,) minding their own business until the very moment a woman has her baby.

As soon as the placenta is delivered and her body can no longer nourish her baby from the inside, a mother's  magnificent boobies take one for the team and selflessly volunteer to do the job.  Just like magic,  the glands; stimulated by a sea of hormones, get their ninja on and begin to make milk.

Just to clarify:

ACTUAL MILK... comes out of your boobs!!!

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