Homemade Toffee Crisp Bars

Homemade Toffee Crisp Bars

It is not often that I buy myself a chocolate bar. I have been known to place grab bags of chocolates (like Maltesers) into my trolley when I am shopping if they are on a special deal, and I can never say no to the Popping Candy and Jelly Bean Marvellous Creations bars whenever they are on offer because they really are the bees knees in chocolate land. But, asides from that, I prefer to buy biscuits or make homemade cakes to fuel my sweet tooth.

However, one of my favourite chocolate bars that I used to buy when the fancy took me, were Toffee Crisps. I think it is because they are like chocolate krispy cakes which always take me back to my childhood, and especially birthday parties I went to. Or maybe it is just because they are yummy!!

Anyway, I was recently asked byGood To Knowfollow if I fancied having a go at recreating a guilty pleasure and I thought that making my own version of a toffee crisp would be easy (ish) enough. So here are my homemade Toffee Crisp Bars and how I made them.

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