Homemade Sugar-free Cherry Lemonade Jelly Stripes

Homemade Sugar-free Cherry Lemonade Jelly Stripes

I’d never made my own jelly before, but when I saw a recipe for a root beer and cream soda terrine in a cook book I was given a few months back, it got my mind to thinking. The original version had sugary root beer made into jelly, layered with a milky cream soda flavoured pudding, sort of like panna cotta. This did sound delicious to me. But I know that root boor can be a bit of a hit or miss with some folk.

I decided to make it with sugar-free cherry and lemon-lime sodas. Cherry Lemonade is a great combination and I thought the colours would work well, as the jelly is striped. You could really try any combination of soda flavours here.

It’s layered in a loaf tin and does take a bit of faffing around, checking for each layer to set. But, if like me, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen then this is no bother at all.

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