Homemade Slime Recipe

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I've been wanting to try my hand at making slime for the kids but all the best looking recipes had borax as a key ingredient, a thing you can't buy in British shops any more.

I decided that as the recipe called for such a small amount, and the kiddos don't put things in their mouths, I'd take the risk.

I did some digging around and found Intralab, an online laboratory that sells borax in different quantities so I ordered some and waited for it to arrive. I went for the 250g bag and it was huge, it'll last for ages allowing for loads of slime making in our house.

It was really easy to make the slime and before too long I had my hand in the mixing bowl, kneading it and waiting for it to firm up. This stage took way longer than I expected and I was convinced I'd made it wrong, but I didn't give up and eventually I ended up with a 'proper' bowl of slime...

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