Homemade Fish Fingers made by a toddler

Dietitian UK: Homemade Fish Fingers made by a toddler

My 3 year old has been watching, helping and cooking with me since she was a baby. Whether in a sling, a bumbo, highchair or stood on a stool she has always loved it. Mainly because she gets to eat it, and this girl is a true foodie. Given the choice of what to have for lunch she goes for things like Sushi, prawns and olives. She shuns childrens options like sausage and chips in favour of peppers stuffed with goats cheese. She also just loves to help chop, stir and get involved with mummy. So when the video camera wasn’t charged and I couldn’t work out how to get the tablet to balance somewhere and film us both I decided to just let her do the vlog. I must admit a certain level of motherly pride at this girl ;)

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