Homeless at Christmas - A Story and an Appeal -

Homeless at Christmas - A Story and an Appeal -

This time last year, we were facing uncertainty. We knew we were being evicted and that we couldn’t afford to raise the deposit on a new place. Not that LHA rates (the maximum amount of Housing Benefit you can be awarded) met the demands of private landlords; often there was (and still is) a short-fall of £200 a month, money we couldn’t possibly find.

I spoke to Shelter and the local Council and was warned that we would not be housed before Christmas, the New Year or even Easter. For a start, our eviction date wasn’t until the 12 December. Two weeks before Christmas. The Council would not or could not help us until that date and despite current government legislation stating a family should only be in temporary accommodation for six weeks, there simply is not the housing stock available to ensure Councils meet this demand.

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