Hole in the wall

Hole in the wall

This photograph was taken c.2006 in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik. Nestled in the thick city walls of the old town and hidden down an alley was this hole in the wall.

There was nothing to say where the secret bar was located so we had to know roughly where we were going. We realised we were close when we spotted a sign that said ‘cold drinks with the most beautiful view’. A simple yet effective approach given we were sweltering in the heat!

After going through this doorway, we were greeted with the most amazing sight – spectacular panoramic views across the Adriatic. Stone steps cut into the rocks took us to the Buza bar which is nuzzled in a cliff top.

Once seated at a table facing seaward, we could take in the incredible surroundings whilst we sipped an ice cold beer. Music by the likes of James Brown and Elvis was playing in the background, creating a wonderful atmosphere.

Sunbathers could be seen relaxing in the sun on nearby rocks with swimmers enjoying themselves down in the sea. On occasions locals could be seen jumping off the cliffs into the sea. Extreme fun for the thrill seekers.

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