Hogarth Cocktails at The Park Lane Hotel, London

Hogarth Cocktails at The Park Lane Hotel, London

The minds behind The Palm Court at The Park Lane Hotel seem to be on the same wavelength as me, or maybe they just knew I was coming. I’m a huge fan of creativity in any form and even more so when it combines cocktails, art and hotels.

Let me explain.

The artist William Hogarth is best known for his famous works Beer Street and Gin Lane which depict British society in the mid 1700s and the evils of drinking gin versus the merits of drinking beer. In Beer Street the scene is a happy one showing people drinking good English beer enjoying their health and prosperity, while in Gin Lane the scene is of lazy, careless people. In fact Gin Lane shows a woman so drunk she drops her baby. Whoops.

And herein lies what I love about this collaboration. The Park Lane Hotel is currently commemorating the 250th anniversary of William Hogarth’s death with a menu of limited edition gin and beer cocktails which pay homage to these two famous artworks.

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