Hobbledown: place of fantasy and fun

Hobbledown: place of fantasy and fun

Have you heard the tale of Hobbledown? Well I hadn’t, here’s a snippet from the mysterical tale ‘When Huck steps into a puddle of green glime it can only mean one thing … trouble. Where has Fern disappeared to and what is that strange tapping sound beneath Hobbledown?’ It’s on tale that the concept and layout for Hobbledown children’s adventure park and farm was based. Late year last I attended a blog event and hubby had the kids for the day. He discovered Hobbledown while trawling the internet for somewhere to take our kids. While both he and the kids had a good time the weather was not the best. They did not have the full experience. On Saturday, hubby didn’t work and as we were celebrating his birthday we all went to Hobbletown. I had no expectations. I knew nothing of the tale or the concept behind the facility. Hubby never mentioned anything. Once pass the ticket barrier a world of mystery, wildlife and fantastical adventurous play awaits at Hobbledown.

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