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Last week on Our Time of Gifts, I wrote about how I decluttered our house, giving away a bag of toys to the local charity shop, and gathering a sackful of unwanted clothes.

This week, I was still finding it difficult to come up with a creative idea to give stuff away. All that tidying, as well as managing the shock of returning to full-time parenting after the holiday (and upgrading this blog), had sapped my energy for anything else.

There were also the sales to visit. We’re on a tight budget, and I need to get in my clothes-buying jollies during those few frantic days, when a handful of tenners can buy you something close to a wardrobe’s worth of clothes.

So: I was traipsing round the shops, wondering what on earth I was going to give away this week. Completely bereft of ideas.

And then I saw it.

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