His Windowless Soul

:) Hey everyone I hope you are having a good weekend.I am currently deciding to put my Vampire Poems into a kindle book I have uploaded two of them below the only thing that has been deterring me is that I would have to take my poems of here and Wattpad as it is part of the terms and conditions. For now I will share them here for you all to read, I hope you like them as much as I do :)

His Window Less Soul

His soulless eyes

Where the devil lies

Was there ever a soul

As all I see is a gaping hole

What colour were his eyes before

As now their red ever more

As I look deep in his eyes

I feel the world he does despise

They never seem to sparkle or glow

Can a soul that's ceased to be ever regrow

Day Becomes Night

I am the sun I'm warm and bright And as I rise I bring the light And warm up every window sill

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