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Highly Commended - Cheetahs In My Shoes

Today was the local horticultural show – and when I say local, I mean very local – like 400 yards down the road where she goes to and I run the Brownies. She was desperate to enter and as much as fancied my chances against the stalwarts of the church and their cherry cakes we went for the photography class. The age 5-8 category for her with the requirement to take a picture of an animal, up to A4 size. Not the animal being A4 size (that’s what it actually said!) but the print.

So have shelled out, once again, a small fortune on ink for the printer (seriously, the stuff must contain gold or diamonds or something) we chose her favourite picture that she’d taken of “Truffles” (the dog) who’d been a very obliging model for her at a recent car show. She’d been down, lying in the grass so that she could get to the right level and took some excellent photos (as well as the best part of 300 not quite so excellent pictures).

So here’s Truffles, winner of the Highly Commended Certificate today. The Sealion Keeper is very happy.

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