Hide Your TV Boxes

Hide Your TV Boxes

In my recent quest to organise those annoying little places around the house, it’s time to introduce you to my media ‘hidey hole’.

I’m not a lover of all the boxes that modern technology has brought us over the years. Sky TV, Apple TV, Wifi router, Blue Ray player….I’m sure the list goes on. Where possible, I’ve always tried to hide these away (and it’s less to dust!).

What started of as a quest for a media ‘hidey hole’, turned into a bit of a technology whirlwind. Before I knew it, not only did we have said ‘hidey hole’, but it had been substantially pimped up. The experts had put the temptation in front of us that was too good to resist. So let me introduce you to some of our gadgets that the ‘hidey hole’ contains, Sonos and Systemline.

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