Hi, My Name is ___________, and I’m Addicted… To Facebook

Hi, My Name is ___________, and I’m Addicted… To Facebook

Facebook is everywhere! Your kids are using it, your friends, relatives, even your grandparents are probably using it.  It’s practically an epidemic… An epidemic with everyone but the population it was actually created for: teens. Teens? Well, in case this is news to you, they’re abandoning the Facebook-ship like rats. Or, if they’re still on there, they’re not using the names you think they’re using. Parents, be clear on this:  your kids did not actually accept you as a friend, unless they’re 10-13 (and that 2nd number’s a stretch). Any kid older than that either has a second account, where the real stuff is going down, and you (parents) are not friends, or, they’ve moved on to other more interesting

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