Help! We’ve Got An Allotment

Help!  We’ve Got An Allotment Getting that phone call or email telling you that you’ve reached the top of the allotment waiting list can be a bit of a surprise.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll have put your name down ages ago, been warned it could be a few years before you hear anything, then promptly got on with raising a young family and almost forgot all about it.  Then comes the call or email and before you know it, you’re being shown your new plot and quizzed on what you’ll be growing by well-meaning plot neighbours.  Scary!

I remember very clearly feeling a combination of excitement and panic. The trick is to remind yourself that this is a fun new adventure for the whole family, not something to turn into another long to-do list. To help ease you in gently here are some tips and ideas for getting off on the right foot.


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