Hello (from) Hobart!

Hello (from) Hobart! We’re here!

It was quite the journey. We gained an unexpected stopover in Singapore due to someone me muffing up our flights… and we lost DorkySon’s beloved iPad packed with apps due to someone me forgetting to pick it up after a security screening in Dubai.

But we are really, truly here. How do I know? Well the water is going down the plughole a different way. The crescent of the moon is in the wrong place entirely. And all around me are people saying ‘sick’ and ‘sweet’ and ‘bonza’ when what they really mean is ‘jolly good, old chap’.

We have been settled in our little Hobart home for four full days, and in that short time we have had fierce sunshine, winds that made our windows rattle, rain that bounced like bullets off the roof, and, before the end of this week, we are apparently due some snow. It is fair to say that we did not pack well for such an unpredictable Spring, and we urgently need to pay a visit to our local outdoor shop for woollies and wellies.

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