Heels Review: Lace Up Love with Zara

Heels Review: Lace Up Love with Zara

So I’m not one to see an item of clothing or pair of shoes and instantly profess my undying love for them (I am of course referencing countless chick flicks and TV shows right now ‘OMG I LOVE these *Insert item of clothing here*, I HAVE to have them.’) I unfortunately experienced this unexpected feeling whilst shopping in none other than Zara.

I saw the heels standing alone on the shelf, the only pair left, by some twist of fate in my size. I was suddenly moving in slow motion and Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’ started to play – OK I think I’ve taken this analogy too far. I am of course talking about these black lace up leather heels from Zara. Now I’m not a huge heel wearer; I hardly ever feel it’s worth the pain or discomfort and there is always the constant worry that I will fall and die....

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