Hedgerow Bundt Cake with Ribena Icing

Hedgerow Bundt Cake with Ribena Icing On Saturday we had a wonderful Clandestine Cake Club meeting in a beautiful rural hideaway. My friend Chris from the Horwich WI kindly loaned us her garden, for what turned out to be an utterly delightful afternoon. Our theme was 'England's Green and Pleasant Land', which I borrowed from a line in the WI's hymn, Jerusalem.

I wanted to make something which reminded me of tart English apples in rambling cottage gardens, picking wild blackberries in the hills of Rivington as a child, and the stained fingers that were part and parcel of pulling hundreds of blackcurrents of the bushes in my grandparents' garden. A hedgerow bundt would tick all of these boxes wonderfully.

My cake was an ode to a childhood filled with home grown fruit, teamed with a cheeky twist. I used blackcurrent yogurt, little pieces of candied apple, blackcurrent and rhubarb jam, and finished it off with a splash of Ribena icing!

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