Heating A Canadian Home

Heating A Canadian Home - Expatlog

Being cosy warm indoors while the weather hurls all the winter it can lay its hands on at you is a wonderful feeling, but it doesn’t come without a downside.

The air is so dry that wooden furniture and floorboards split. Every morning we wake up to what feels like sandpaper throats and cement-filled noses. All the kids have regular nosebleeds, and everyone’s scratching like crazy – it doesn’t matter how much you drink or moisturize, your skin still feels (and looks) like paper.

I can’t remember where I read it but washing with conditioner instead of shampoo is really helping my thick, curly hair feel a little less brittle. I don’t blow-dry but even if I did there’s no need to – hair dries within minutes of taking the towel wrap off your head...

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