Heartache where celebration should be - Guest Post

Heartache where celebration should be - Guest Post

The big 40, was not something I was dreading, to me it is just another number, but to others it's the sign of a great PARTTTYYYY and boy was I up for that! I had three organised in total, a family one the weekend before in my home town, in Derbyshire. A lovely meal in my favourite restaurant, with my closest friends and family up there, a meal on the night with my closest friends down south and a night out in Milton Keynes the weekend after!

I had also booked into a spa with two of my lovely friends Lou and Paula on 30th January 2013, the day of my actual 40th. Paula had organised herself some treatments, but Lou and I were just happy to sit round the pool all day and chat...

This unfortunately was never meant to be!

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