Healthy pancakes for kids

Healthy pancakes for kids

My kids, like many, are pancake connoisseurs – Daddy cooks them regularly as a Sunday morning treat in our house. But they’re always made using white flour and topped with the child’s choice of jam, golden syrup or lemon and sugar. I had never really thought about giving pancakes a healthier twist. But of course a feast of white flour and sugar isn’t very good for our kids – all that unrefined carbohydrate and sugar provides an instant blood sugar hit, leaving children buzzing. Later on, their blood sugar levels nosedive, with all the cross words and grumpiness that can ensue. Making the pancakes To help keep kids feeling fuller for longer, while stabilising their blood sugar levels, nutrition experts recommend we try wholegrain flours like spelt, wholemeal or buckwheat. These release their energy more slowly, and also provide a hefty dose of fibre. With this in mind, I made three batches of pancakes: - one using spelt flour - another made using half spelt and half white flours - a third using wholemeal flour

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