Healthy breakfasts for a healthy January

Healthy breakfasts for a healthy January

I think most of us are feeling the bloat this month. Gym subscriptions go through the roof and everyone starts watching what they’re eating after a rather gluttonous Christmas period.

I don’t really believe in doing diets. In fact, I think as soon as you say ‘I’m going on a diet’, you’ve already failed, really. A diet is something you do for a temporary period, whereas I think the changes you make to your eating habits should be more permanent and without silly fad rules. It’s simple – eat healthily and exercise regularly.

I also don’t understand people who skip breakfast, only to pig out later in the day. Time and time again, research has shown that if you eat breakfast you have a better chance of losing weight – and keeping it off.

This post includes some ideas about what to eat for breakfast through the winter. They're filling, hearty meals without the guilt!

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