Healthy Apple and Cinnamon Cakes (gluten free).

Dietitian UK: Healthy Apple and Cinnamon Cakes (gluten free).

Apple and cinnamon, one of those amazing combinations. I’m such a fan. I even love it on porridge. So tonight I had a play around with making it into a healthy muffin. Now I’ve gone for the unsweetened version, add the little drizzle of honey in if you have a sweeter tooth than me (I’m a savoury girl at heart). I decided as soon as these came out of the oven that they needed a little topping on them. So I whipped up a healthier version of a classic cream cheese frosting which also boosts the protein content of this yummy morsel and makes them look lovely. These make the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea and are a good snack for little ones too :)

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