Healthy alternatives

Healthy alternatives

Two of the things that I really can't give up are ice cream and cake. As well as my usual sweet tooth, I'm finding that I'm craving sugar to keep me going on the lack of sleep. Lia still wakes up a couple of times in the night, which is a bit of a shock to the system as Libby was sleeping through from 8 weeks old. So I've come up with a couple of slightly healthier alternatives. 

First, the cake. A few weeks ago, I bought a juicer. There is nothing better than fresh juice, and having my own juicer allows me to use a lot of veg in the juice, rather than all sugary fruit. I tend to go for apple and beetroot or carrot and orange. I have tried a few other alternatives as well, and often put some fresh ginger, lemon or even herbs in with the juice. 

The only problem with a juicer is that after the juice has been made, there is quite a bit of waste. This takes the form of very finely grated fruit or veg and someone gave me the idea of making the waste into cake. 

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