Healthier work-life balance for parents

Healthier work-life balance for parents

Here are some of the signs that my work-life balance is not up to scratch:

- I’m regularly hunched over my computer till late in the evenings - I occasionally find myself scrolling through my phone for emails while at my toddler’s playgroup (only when his back is turned, of course) - I sometimes have to stay at home at weekends due to imminent work deadlines while my husband takes the kids to the playground - I don’t get to see as much of my husband during the week as I’d like

I can’t be the only parent whose life has gone a bit skewed.In the last few weeks, I’ve tried to improve the balance by taking a long hard look at my efficiency at home.

As well as online supermarket shopping, I’m becoming more diligent about weekly meal planning and have recently bought a slow cooker. (This is also helping me eat more adventurously. Read about this in my blog post: Are you bored of your food?)

But needing more than a shiny new kitchen workhorse to help me, I asked some experts for their advice (and believe me, I’m taking notes),

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