Healthier Cupcakes and Frosting

Healthier Cupcakes and Frosting

These little bite-size cupcakes look delicious with their mound of fluffy frosting on top, don’t they?

Would you be surprised that no butter or sugar were involved in the making of these? Well, it’s true! The cupcakes are made with low-fat spread and my latest kitchen find 'Truvia'. Have you tried it yet? It’s the natural sweetener made from the Stevia plant. I bought some sachets of the stuff and used that to sweeten my little cakes.

The frosting on top is actually thick fat-free Greek yoghurt with more Truvia sweetener and some blueberries mashed into it. The yoghurt was drained of it’s liquid overnight, making it thicker and better to hold it’s shape on top of the cakes.

I’m not sure how many calories are in these, but with low-fat spread and no sugar they will be much better than eating a full-sized cupcake, if you are trying to cut back.

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