Healthier Cranachan for Burn's Night

Healthier Cranachan for Burn's Night

It’s Burn’s Day today – a big day in Scotland. It commemorates Rabbie Burns, ‘Scotland’s Poet’. Many people will be having a Burn’s Supper tonight – plenty of haggis, neeps and tatties on the menu.

I thought I would indulge in a Scottish dessert for the occasion. Cranachan is mixture of whipped cream, toasted oats, honey, whisky and raspberries.

But being January, I wanted to make it a healthier version of this famous celtic sweet. It wasn’t too difficult to ‘healthify’, I turned to my old favourite 0% fat-free Greek yoghurt. I used this instead of the cream. The oats and raspberries are fine and the only sweetness comes from honey. I should have used heather honey, which is traditional but I had some runny honey in the cupboard that I substituted it for. 

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