Health boosting berrylicious smoothie

Health boosting berrylicious smoothie

I used to suffer from migraines. A lot. Once a month in fact. It was pretty awful, not least because it took the doctor months to realise I was suffering from migraines (hello mouth guard I spend lots of money on and didn't need).

The severity and frequency of the migraines lessened over the years, but lately they have been making a very unwelcome comeback. This smoothie is by no means a migraine remedy* but it helps when you are recovering. Not sure if it is the goji berries or the coconut water but either way it makes me feel tons better. It also happens to be absolutely delicious.

*not much is when you are in the throes of one.

Berrylicious smoothie Serves 1 100g | 3.3oz frozen mixed berries 1 large slice fresh mango (65g | 2.2oz) 80ml | 1/3 cup | 2.7 fl oz pure coconut water 1 tbsp goji berries 1 tbsp agave syrup (or honey) 4-5 fresh basil leaves Squeeze lemon juice

Method Soak the goji berries in a tablespoon hot water until plump. Blitz all the ingredients in a mini food chopper (or food processor) until smooth. Thin with extra coconut water if the

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