Health and Fitness Friday

Health and Fitness Friday -

One of my New Year resolutions was to try to lose a bit lot of weight. This was heightened when I was asked to join the #3DATES3MONTHS challenge with Just Singles, because in reality, who wants to date a whale? After Christmas, I found myself a chunky 11 stone 4lbs, which is the heaviest I have been since I was pregnant with the girls! This is possibly down to the fact that I ate all five boxes of chocolates I was bought for Christmas, in the space of just a week.

Once this temptation had been disposed of, I had to decide what method to use to lose the extra lbs. Luckily, I have always been able to carry my weight well; I am very tiny up top and most of my weight is carried around my bottom and thighs. This means that unless people look towards the floor instead of at my face, they think I’m much smaller than I am… Until I turn around and knock them out with my enormous bootilicious backside that is!

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