Hatching Our Very Own Butterflies

A few days ago we received our new pets by post. Caterpillars!

We were asked by the lovely Magic Belles if we'd like to receive our very own Butterfly Hatching Nest and see our 5 little caterpillars make like The Very Hungry Caterpillar and turn into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies.

I'm not keen on bugs at all. Butterflies are pretty but they are still bugs. Husband and the kids adore beasties. Well, except slaters and spiders. And wasps. But no one likes a wasp!

When I told Husband what had arrived in the post, he was grinning like a fool. I opened the cardboard box containing our little caterpillars and checked they were OK. They come in a see-through plastic container which has this brown stuff at the bottom that looks a bit like wet brown sugar and a white lid with air holes.

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