Hard lessons in Soft Play

Hard lessons in Soft Play

A confession; I've been told off at soft play twice in the last month.

Crime one; In a mad dash to the slide, Bouncing Boy whipped past an older-looking girl who'd parked herself in the path of oncoming traffic to pick a hole in a crash mat. She spun like a top but didn't look bothered and was back to eating mat within seconds. I asked the girl's name and snatched a personal apology from Bouncing Boy as he streaked round the loop again. The girl barely looked up from her 'lunch' but mum was having none of it. 'You could tell him to look where he's going,' she mumbled on her way to the cafe. 'You could tell her to look where she's licking,' I wanted to reply, but sod it - not my sick bug waiting to happen.

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