Happy Valentine's Day! A Loving Look at Lovebirds

Happy Valentine's Day! A Loving Look at Lovebirds

It’s that time of the year again. No, not St. Patrick’s – Valentine’s Day! It’s the day of the year that is especially set aside for you to show your devotion and love to that special person in your life. The day of the year where Cupid readies his bow and arrow and shoots at couples everywhere. However, where we have one day set aside to lavish partners with gifts and affection, how is it in the animal kingdom? In particular, how is it for the fittingly named Lovebirds?

The lovebird is a social and affectionate small parrot, which is native to the African continent. There are nine species in total and a grey-headed species that is native to Madagascar. Much like some of the larger parrots, they have the same abilities and intelligence as their bigger brethren. For example, they are notorious for figuring out how to open and escape their cage and on occasion they have been known to learn to mimic sounds and speech.

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