Happy out of school

Happy out of school

School began yesterday for children and teens in Ireland. But not for my son, and I will gloss over the early morning. But once I had agreed that he wasn't going to school, he was happy.

I explained that there would be no consoles of any kind before 4pm.

He was still happy.

And what followed was not at all like a typical day in this house.

He got up at 10, got washed and dressed, emptied the dishwasher and practised his handwriting by addressing envelopes for me.

Then he began to find out about all the things that I have to do while he and his sister are in school. I'm currently trying to gather information and ideas for a necessary revamp of Smiley's shower room, to save my back. So he came along to a bathroom showroom and even offered a few suggestions. There was a visit to the library on the way back, as another nod to his education.

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