Happy Hannukah - Expat Holidays

Happy Hannukah - Expat Holidays

Yesterday was the first day of Hannukah. It is, by far, my preferred Jewish holiday. Well, how can you not like a holiday that demands you eat doughnuts for eight days? True, by the end of it we all look somewhat like a doughnut - rounder around the middle and full of jam - but it's more than that. Contrary to what people outside of Israel think, Hannukah isn't really one of the biggest or most important holidays for Jewish people. In fact, it is one of those tiny niche holidays reserved solely for children, I mean you don't even get days off work for it! But Hannukah has been my favourite holiday for many years, so I make a very big effort to celebrate it even now, after we've lost so many of our other holidays. 've talked to so many immigrants over these last four years and they all said the same thing - celebrating a holiday that does not belong to the country you live in is hard, in fact sometimes it feels almost impossible. You never give it any thought when you're in your home-country, but so much of celebrating a holiday is about family

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