Happy Halloween – A Truly Terrifying TV Advert

Happy Halloween – A Truly Terrifying TV Advert

Halloween is upon us! And so i’m interrupting normal broadcasting to bring you something I found on YouTube in preparation for tomorrow night!

This is potentially the most terrifying advert I’ve ever seen and so completely perfect for All Hallows Eve!

I think it’s actually the girls’ reaction that is more scary than the doll itself – WHY do they keep looking so frantically at the screen?

I bloody love stuff like this. It’s so horrible yet, somehow, so very me.

It’s also far more likely to give me nightmares than any horror film or ghoulish trick or treater!

Being a media-grad and also working in marketing means that I have developed a weird perversion for TV ads in general – depending on how they’re made they can be beautiful, funny, hugely impactful, pointless or completely bloody dreadful!

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