Happy 96th Birthday

Happy 96th Birthday

By the time you read this blog I'll have spent a couple of days away from home with Sophia and she'll (hopefully) know the outcome of her interview for working abroad during the summer. Naturally, I am ridiculously excited about this and can't wait to scoop my daughter up in a bear hug and never let her go spend some quality time with my youngest.

Last week I celebrated my birthday and while Olivia remembered, Sophia forgot. She finally called late in the evening and said that she was planning a treat during our time away (clever move hun). On questioning, she revealed that I had two options and fortunately she appears to have forgotten all about buying me a mobile phone. The options were - go clubbing, or see 'The Lego Movie.' However, after pointing out that... •I'd just celebrated my 96th birthday (this is a fabulous trick for anyone with kids - tell them the age you really feel after a day spent in their company, they tell everyone they know and everyone thinks that you're remarkable for your age). •Knew all of the latest tracks being played in the clubs (and most of the words).

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