Happiness on Dreary Days

Happiness on Dreary Days

With the inevitable reflection, taking stock and looking forward that comes with a new year, I didn’t find the start of the year easy. 2013 was full of change. 2014 brings with it the unknown. Life is, you could say, in a funny little place right now.

As the new year dawned, I felt I didn’t know what to wish for. Later, I realised my biggest hope for the year was that I would cling on to hope itself. It was a lot of angst for one week. And so, today, I thought it was time to look at the really important things in my life – the things that make me happy.

*Night-time cuddles with Jasmin – Yes, sleepless nights are hard. Yes, I’m perpetually exhausted. But yes, I get to cuddle my beautiful baby to me while the rest of the world sleeps. In those moments, I feel so incredibly fortunate to have a healthy, happy daughter who has made our family complete.

*Splashing in puddles with Milin –

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