:) Hey everyone I hope you are having a good day/night wherever you are. I am tired and feeling a bit bleurgh today as I have the hospital today to look at the lump on my hand, my boyfriend has made me feel like rubbish because I was mean't to see him today I can't help it that the hospital chose today to see me you would think he'd be glad that I'm getting it seen to as it's causing me pain instead of making me feel this bad, he likes my blog link on my facebook page but I don't think he even reads what I have written on here as he never comments saying " that's a good picture " or " that's a good idea " or even " why don't you do it this way " he doesn't even share the link to his page gggrrr. Enough of me ranting you all don't come here to see that below are two more hands like the one I posted yesterday

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