Handmade Gifts for Men: Fathers Day Mug DIY

Handmade Gifts for Men: Fathers Day Mug DIY

I originally shared this mug tutorial over on Red Ted Art earlier this year, but as it’s been so successful in our family and it’s so hard to think of handmade gifts for men I thought I’d share it over here too!

Due to my intense Pinterest addiction I spent a lot of time last year looking at posts about DIY mugs. The post was always the same ‘Use a sharpie’ and then in the comments someone would say ‘I used a Sharpie and it was rubbish.’ So here’s my point. You know when you were younger and you’d read make up tips in magazines? (This is of course presuming you’re around the same age as me.) And they’d say things like ‘Why not use your lipstick as a blusher or a eyeshaddow? And then you’d try it and you would look like a clown? Yep?!? Well that’s because lipstick is only meant to be used on your lips. No brainer really...

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