Ham and Mushroom Calzone

Ham and Mushroom Calzone

I’ve been trying to get calzones right for a few weeks now.  The first time I tried there was too much filling and too much liquid in it.   I struggled to pinch the dough together as it was so stretched over the packed filling.  I managed it, but then it split in the oven and because the filling was too moist, I had liquid running all over the baking tray and a cooked but slightly soggy bottom.    They tasted good, but they weren’t something I felt I could share.

This time I’ve got it right.  No fresh tomatoes in sight, but a thin spreading of tomato puree over the dough to give that tomatoey taste that you really need in a pizza.   I also cooked and then drained the filling in a sieve while cooling to remove any excess liquid.

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