Halloween Wreath From An Old T-Shirt

Halloween Wreath From An Old T-Shirt

This rather stunning Halloween wreath uses an old t-shirt, felt off cuts, some glittered toy spiders and a twig!

I cut up an old black t-shirt that my girls had not use for, creating one continuous length of yarn. This was then wrapped around an eight inch polystyrene wreath/hoop shape and the tail end knotted to make a hoop.

First I painted teeny toy spiders with silver acrylic paint. Two of them were then painted with PVA (white) glue and covered in fine silver glitter. I painted the spiders that were going to have glitter on them as the glue doesn’t stick well to the plastic without the base layer of paint. It’s like an undercoat.

Whilst the spiders were drying I painted a twig from the garden with black poster paint, sealing it with a layer of PVA glue as I didn’t want the paint to peel off. And I also made some swirly felt flowers using felt off cuts.

When everything was dry, out came the mighty glue gun and on to the wreath they went. Fantastic use of an old t-shirt!

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