halloween pumpkins

halloween pumpkins

I hadn't attempted to carve a pumpkin before last night. We set out the newspaper on the living room floor and set about creating our mini masterpieces. It turned out to be a surprisingly fiddly and lengthy activity, though great fun.

Our living room fireplace is now decorated with three of the little blighters, a couple of scary faces and a haunted house. I think this will become a tradition in this house going forwards. I do love a solid tradition... though for me the best traditions happen in the run up to Christmas.

As we have just moved into our new house, I'm not sure what to expect on the 31st. I'm not sure if there will be trick-or-treaters, but I am prepared with a selection of sweets just incase.

I am of course secretly hoping that no-one ventures past our gate so I can eat the sweets myself...

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