Halloween Party Games

Are you looking for some Kid-friendly Halloween games? These would work great for a classroom party, home party, or just for family game night on the weekend! For my daughter's Halloween-themed birthday party we came up with 4 different games for her and her fellow kindergarten friends to play.

The first was a simple Pin the Face on the Monster game. I drew the outline of a very simple monster on some brown packing paper. Then I drew and cut out a variety of facial features for our monster. I made sure there were plenty of parts for party members to choose from. Since the idea is to wind up with a funny monster anyway, I had 5 eyes, a few horns, noses, and mouths put in a pumpkin bucket just waiting to be pinned. You could also include a variety of arms and legs to be pinned onto the monster.

The second game we played was a ball toss. I decorated a large box to look like a monster.

Want to see how those turned out and see our other 2 games? Come check them out!

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