Halloween mac and cheese

Halloween mac and cheese

Today at Supergolden Bakes we have a mac & cheese / Halloween mash up! Mac and cheese may be my favourite comfort food - one I don't tend to make very often as it tends to be quite calorific. Combining squash and mac & cheese is a classic - and the sneaky way I used to get my toddlers to eat some veg!

This is a souped up, decidedly adult Mac & Cheese containing ripe reblochon cheese which is very rich and creamy (replace with taleggio, fontina, raclette or a ripe camembert if you can't find it). Some finely chopped pancetta would also go really well but I wanted to keep the recipe vegetarian. If you want to add some, pan fry it together with the mushrooms before adding to the cheese sauce.

You can always use your favourite Mac & Cheese recipe and use it to stuff the squash - it makes a very pretty serving platter for the dish and would be perfect served at a Halloween party.

For the squash Serves 1-2 (it is very rich) 1 Harlequin squash or other medium sized squash (at least 10cm/4inch high/wide) 120ml | 1/2 cup vegetable or chicken stock

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