Halloween Gingerbread Men

Halloween Gingerbread Men I love Halloween, not the scary horrible stuff but the nicer side of things. When we were in Florida for my birthday one Halloween, it was Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party that we headed for, rather than Universal’s Evil Movies. I’d have had nightmares for weeks if we had visited there. Honestly, I’m such a wusse; I’ll hide behind a cushion and stick my fingers in my ears when the Halloween film adverts come on.

Luckily for me, when it comes to Halloween baking, it tends to be less on the gruesome side and more on the Disney side… phew!

I’ve had this Gingerdead cookie cutter sat in the cupboard since Spring. I brought it on the off-chance, when I came across it on eBay. I have a feeling that Lakeland also sell them. Anyway, it’s quite cool. It’s a dual cookie cutter and embossing stamp, for the skeleton; and it ticks the cute spooky checkbox.

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